Thanks to the work of NJEA members, two important bills are moving forward with overwhelming bipartisan support.

In the Senate, a bill to end the use of EdTPA as a requirement for teacher licensure passed 37-0. The Assembly voted on a bill that would make this year’s brand-new NJGPA exam a field test. It would ensure that the new test will not stand as a barrier to graduation for thousands of current high school juniors who have been dealing with the effects of COVID disruptions since their first year of high school. That bill passed 73-1.

Both bills had nearly unanimous support from Republicans and Democrats alike. Both of those votes are the result of NJEA members holding hundreds of conversations with and sending thousands of emails to legislators.

Now those bills are trading places. The Senate needs to take up its version of the NJGPA bill, while the Assembly needs to take up the EdTPA bill. Please take a few minutes right now to stand with our students and our incoming colleagues by sending emails to your legislators on both of these bills.